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Garderobe is the first social media app exclusively for fashion lovers.

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What is Garderobe?

The place to go for fashion trends and style inspiration

Get inspiration

Garderobe is the place to go for outfit inspiration. Peek into the closets of others, get your daily fashion kick and share your fashion moments.


Organize your pictures in lookbooks to create an overview of your daily outfits, your wardrobe, collections, inspiration, wishlist etc.


Follow your friends, bloggers, brands and style icons to get your daily dose of fashion. Lots of great fashion inspiration is waiting for you.

"De sidste par uger har jeg testet en ny app, og jeg må faktisk indrømme at være blevet temmelig bidt: App’en hedder Garderobe, og er en ny platform, som både henvender sig til den "almindelige" forbruger, modebrands, bloggere og andre modeinfluenter.

Jeg spår Garderobe en stor fremtid – ikke mindst fordi jeg selv er blevet fan. Hos Garderobe er organisering og søgning af billeder lettere end på f.eks. Instagram."

— Marie Jedig, Danish fashion blogger


Our Values

Your style,
your universe

Garderobe is designed to be a gender neutral place with room for every style. Today, Garderobe is used all over the world and is appealing to both men and women. In fact, more than one-third of Garderobe’s users are male. We love that fact.

1/3 of users are men


One-third of Garderobe's users are men. They share photos of watches, selfies, shirts, outfits.

5-star rating


Garderobe is 5-star rated on the App Store and on Facebook.

50% bought something on Garderobe


50% of Garderobe's users have bought - or felt very aspired to buy - something seen on Garderobe.

"Garderobe works in a similar way as Instagram but differs because fashion is the main focus, which allows us not to get distracted and keeps us focused on fashion."

— Anthony Bogdan, Fashion blogger


Our Vision

Open to the world
from day one

Created in Aarhus and Copenhagen by people with a passion for amazing app experiences, fashion and design, Garderobe is filled with good vibrations and open to the world from Day One.

About us


Ane Schack Fønss Bach

CEO and Founder

"I like fashion. I love technology."


Danni Stjernegård

CTO and iOS/Rails developer

"I am dedicated to user experience."

"Hvad kan man gå i?
Garderobe giver mig inspiration til, hvordan man sætter tøjet sammen."

— Anna, College student


Home feed

Manage your own profile and add things to your lookbooks. On Garderobe, we browse horizontally.



Create looksbooks such as Wishlist, Today's Outfit or Wedding Dress Inspiration. Maybe you want your Wedding Dress Inspiration to be secret to the world? That's what private looksbooks are for. Private photos.



Tall. Wide. Square. Choose the format that fits your photo. Tall is great for outfit photos. Wide is great for footwear. Square is great for everything.



Your Garderobe profile is a collection of your best things. A way to organize your closet. A way to give your opinion in fashion.



Choose photo from library or upload a new photo. Crop, adjust and choose one of three different formats: Tall, Wide or Square.

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